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Branded Soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi and Branded water like Evian,  Volvic and Isabelle.  We can also provide unbranded cheap 500 ml and 1.5 ltr water.  For our complete price list (Click Here).  Some of the soft drink products we cater are given below.

Soft Drinks Size
Coke Products All Sizes
Pepsi Products All Sizes
Evian Water All Sizes
Volvic Water All Sizes
Isabelle Water All Sizes
Red Bull Cans 250 x 24
Cheap Mineral / Spring Water 500 ml
Cheap Mineral / Spring Water 1.5 Ltr

We also deal in wholesale and can supply container loads of the above mentioned products at competitive prices.  To enquire about our wholesale prices, please contact us or email us at

Please note that the products cannot be mixed with each other, unless otherwise stated or agreed.  Containers of Coke and Pepsi products are available in Cans, 500 ml and 2 Ltr as indicated below. 

CANS Container : 1 case has 24 cans, 99 cases on 1 pallet and 28 pallets in 1 container

500 ML Container: 1 case has 24 bottles, 54 cases on 1 pallet and 33 pallets in 1 container.

2 LTR Container : 1 case has 8 bottles, 48 cases on 1 pallet and 29 pallets in 1 container.

Min. Qty = 1 Container.

Evian, Volvic and Isabelle water are available in 500 ml and 1.5 Ltrs only.  Isabelle water is also available in 5 Ltr sizes. 

If you need further information please contact


Key Benefits

bulletDelivery Time delay only 4 - 7 Working days unless otherwise stated.
bulletYear round stability in price.
bulletYear round stability in supply.


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